Mission Statement

Developing Access to treatment and Recovery for everyone in ohio

WellHQ  is a management company first contracted by The Neighborhood House to create and manage an opioid recovery clinic providing medicine-assisted therapy (MAT), intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and outpatient programs (OP). We did that and moved on to our next challenge in October 2016.

Our slogan, 'Dignity for All,' is testament to our core belief that freedom from addiction should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability to pay. To that end, we exclusively work to serve the Medicaid  and 'uninsured' populations with evidence-based treatment programs. 

We believe that there are those in our community that need help finding freedom from addiction  but are trapped in 'Recovery Deserts.' These geographic areas are based  on the type of insurance a person has (private v. public or none) and correlate directly to the access and distance to a treatment facility. We are working with the academic community to define, identify and map these areas of our city and state so that we can work to open facilities in them.

Indeed, we started out   in the historic King-Lincoln district at The Neighborhood House, a settlement house non-profit that has served the neighborhood for over 100 years. The day we opened our doors, folks from the  neighborhood flooded in our doors seeking help.

WellHQ  LLC is a 'Benefit Business' (sometimes referred to as a social enterprise)    created and managed by CivicHacks  and its partners . 

We fully intend for the business to be part of the 'Certified B Corps' movement.

Timeline of Achievements & Media

  • Jan. 1, 2016 - Partnership between CivicHacks and The Neighborhood House  begins.
  • June 1, 2016 - OHMAS Certification approving medical-somatic services for The Neighborhood House.
  • July 5, 2016 - Opioid Recovery Clinic  at The Neighborhood House  opens
  • October  20, 2016 - WellHQ winds down management of NHI Chemical Dependency Clinic



 Designed by  Edward Liu  (Logo - Word) and  Elise Loeb  (Logo - Mark)

Name etymology: FoundATION in Myth, Healing

 In 1884, the Brothers Grimm published 'The Gnome,' the fairy tale which WellHQ takes its name from. 

In 1884, the Brothers Grimm published 'The Gnome,' the fairy tale which WellHQ takes its name from. 

In 2013, David All was living in San Francisco and experienced an extremely challenging period of time in his life due to loss of both a business and love interest and diagnosis with a mental illness.  To help heal these wounds, his friend and advisor, Artie Wu of Preside Life, an expert in using storytelling for healing, told him the Grimm's Brothers tale, 'The Gnome.

Click here to read The Gnome. (Read time: 9m 15 secs)

In that story, the fairytale culminates around a quest into a deep well and a decision by the hero to take on an extremely difficult challenge to help others (slaying the dragons and rescuing the princesses). And further, despite the unknowing, an awareness that staying in the well to find an alternate exit might be the safest approach.

This fable stuck with David for years and helped him realize that he was, in that moment and for years, inside the 'Well.' That this was part of the story -- part of the hero's journey in the myth -- his struggle was part of the larger quest.

Emotional wounds turned into a heroic symbol: The Well; And the Story of healing Started.

On March 30, 2014, the 'WellHQ' team won First Place at Columbus Startup Weekend. Over a weekend, we built the pharmaceutical industry's first FDA-compliant social media command center. This was the original use of the name, an homage to the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

Upon moving back to Columbus in 2014, David entered his first-ever Startup Weekend with an idea called, 'WellHQ' which was a social media command center for pharmaceutical companies. David and the team he recruited won First Place at that event and started building up the company. Ultimately, realizing that the company would potentially serve at the mercy of Big Pharma, David pulled the plug on the company. But the healing had occurred, he was back in the driver's seat of his career and life.

In January 2016, WellHQ re-emerged as the perfect name for the management company  which intends to help transform community health care. It's true meaning makes even more sense as a healing myth that can take on meaning to all those seeking freedom from addiction.

There is no silver bullet to solve addiction. Using the myth, we offer a Well with which you must decide to enter, slay your dragons, and find your way out. Grab our hand.

The great thing about the WellHQ brand name is that 90% of the folks just assume that it's a direct use of the term 'well' which Google defines as 'in good health; free or recovered from illness.' So it has a double meaning, which we acknowledge, fully appreciate and love.

The 'HQ' refers to 'Headquarters' which has synonyms like 'the base' and 'the nerve center,' all of which we're comfortable with. Ultimately it's a name that can scale to all of the services we intend to provide to the community.

If you prefer to think about 'HQ' meaning 'High Quality,' we won't hold that against you. 😊 That is certainly our goal!

Logo, COLOR PALETTE and More

Logo-Word designed by Edward Liu using DIN Next Rounded

On the Mark

The artist, Elise Loeb, did an amazing job of learning all about the etymology of the name, reviewing our primary look-and-feel, and understanding our desire to have a meaningful symbol that would be immediately recognizable in health care and also tie back to our true 'well' meaning. 

To that end, each 'stone' was drawn by hand, each imperfection likely unnoticed by most but beautiful in its individuality. The health care symbol in the middle can be removed, but generally brings instant comfort and credibility to those seeking health, wellness, and recovery.

We selected a slight transition in color from top-light to dark-bottom to show an organic settlement of matter.


Other Style notes

Logo Type: DIN Next Rounded

All Other Content Type:   Lato (all styles and weights acceptable)

Photo Credit

The photo of the well (posted below) we use on our homepage and on printed material was taken by Jason Rogers and posted to Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

In compliance with his license, we provide attribution to Jason here for this photo and note the edit we made to remove the individual peering down the well.

We searched everywhere for a photo to help us tell our story -- this is the one that did it best. We are grateful for content, like this, that can be used freely. Thank you.